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One of our favorite local L.A. bandsĀ Flying Hair gave us a handful of their records to sell on our store. Get in before they’re gone!

All records are printed on black vinyl.

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In an attempt to destroy all false seekers of the cosmic trip, Flying Hair made an initial statement, an album, entitled Haunted Hangout II. Like a crazed zombie boomerang, it was flung out into the universe with a boundless hunger for life. That boomerang’s journey has come full circle with Night Fight, Flying Hair’s second album. This story goes back just a few short spins around the sun, when Flying Hair’s Bobby Martin, Kurt Mangum and Matthew Clark were making a name for themselves jamming weird and loud around California and Mexico. The sonic cocktail was completed by the addition of brother Brian Fox on synthesizers, expanding an already rich fabric of sound with layers of melody, synth swells, squalls and bleeps. One could call it cosmic space punk, stoner dirge, a ruckus in the garage…

If you can count to ten, then you can count the number of tracks that comprise Night Fight. Good for you. But the real accomplishment is the journey that Flying Hair takes you on, gracious listener. This is a journey through a psychotic, sonic Martian landscape, helmed by Patrick McCarthy (founding member of Zig Zags with Bobby Martin), who may or may not have done much at all while staring at the control panel of this wild space craft. Along the way, a few hobo space bums hitched a ride–namely icon Nik Turner (Hawkwind) who laid bare his soul with some otherworldly saxophone squawk on opening track “Tantrum” and warned us of the secret spiders from mars on paranoid barnburner “Spiders”. Swirling interstitial soundscapes interlace track to track in this unrelenting wild ride of an album.

Night Fight is that horror flick you saw when you were a kid, alone at home one night. Much like the stunning cover photograph by guitarist Kurt Mangum, it’s a memory that haunts you through the ghostly gauze of time, gnawing at your brain. Waste not a moment, as this limited edition pressing on Casual Acid Tea ends after the 300th copy sold, though you may procure digital copies, perhaps, ad infinitum. If tape is your jam, Mock Records has released a cassette version, which even has a bonus track, “Theme From Night Fight”, that may reveal yet more clues. Now, it is time…for NIGHT FIGHT.


Bobby Martin – Bass & vocals

Kurt Magnum – Guitar

Brian Fox – Synthesizers & Keyboards

Matthew Clark – Drums

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