Jesus Sons – Tres


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All records are printed on black vinyl and come with a FLEXI 7″ of “The Great Compromise”

“Things ain’t simple anymore. All-night parties turned into hangovers. Lovin’ turned to cheatin’, but the wheels keep rollin’. Conversation got convoluted. Analog has gone digital and work got automated. Forty hours is now 24/7 and money isn’t real. Grass is candy and candy is tasteless. Reporting is gossip and truth is fictional. Route 66 has become desolation road. But these guys keep playing what they like and they like what they play… good ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll. Just what the world needs in these complicated times.” – Lance Barresi of Permanent Records LA

Jesus Sons return with a batch of the character-driven classic rock that defines their discography. On this, their third album—appropriately titled Tres—the subject matter is dark and portentous, but with a charm that sets these songs on the brink of cheerful self-destruction. If you’re about to explode, why not go out with a bang? That’s what this album represents—the desire to make one’s presence deeply felt. And the stories told here are rich in texture and charisma, with a certain quality of … slacker nobility, or detachment with integrity, a suspicion of the tropes of everyday living and a thorough rejection of the status quo. Bassist Eric Lake offers dynamic vocals, while the band is rounded out with Grady Kinnoin on pedal steel, Shaughnessy Starr on drums and harmonica and Shannon Dean and Bert Hoover on guitar. Tres also takes a contrarian stance toward music these days—this doesn’t have much to do with folk or indie, nor is it like anything else produced in the Los Angeles area. (Tres was recorded and produced in Boyle Heights by Jason Soda.) With the rambling next-bar-stool-over narrative these songs deliver, it’s only fitting to order another beer and sit back and listen. LA Record

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