WItchcraft – Legend


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Witchcraft – Legend limited to 200 on Cassette exclusive to RidingEasy Records.


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  1. Ogura

    Even though there were no aauctl witches who were harmed in the Salem Witch Trials, the impact is far reaching into today’s society. How? We’ve really pushed for more religious tolerance, for rights of those who may be of different faiths, and the true choice of religion and our right to choose our religion (Religious Freedom). There is still a lot of prejudice but modern day witches of all varieties deal with it and try to educate people on their particular path. I think the Salem Witch Trials were really a time in history that where people can look back and say, Wow, this is what happens when you mix extreme religious beliefs and a hallucinogen (ergot) creating a mass hysteria. Honestly, it was a lesson learned the hard way, but from that mistake came a better understanding of how we should all interact.To the guy who claimed Wiccans think that the Witch Trials of Salem are the Wiccan’s version of 9/11, I don’t know who you know, but that is not reflective of the majority of wiccans. Do not classify us all in that group.

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