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Bone Man Front cover

 Pink Tank Records is a newer DIY label located in The Netherlands who has begun releasing a stream of quality, limited vinyl albums from up and coming bands such as Libido Fuzz, Babylon Sweethearts and Bone Man. This time around, I get a shot at the sophomore full-length outing by German heavy psych slingers, Bone Man, entitled Plastic Wasteland.

     This album has a distinctive Graveyard flavor to it, and most fans of stoner rock will appreciate that. But, while the flavor is familiar, the guitar and drumming really start separating this album apart about the time track four, Dry Habit, kicks in. The vocals are deep and droning- almost melancholy, and they serve as a fitting icing atop the masterful guitar and drum work. And, believe me, the guitar and drums on this album are hauntingly impressive.

     The back 4 tracks are all Mayan gold, honestly. Graveyards gave me visions of a young John Densmore and Robby Krieger, sans the Manzarek organ, jamming their asses off at the Hollywood Bowl and the tracks, Flesh Land and Undergrowth simply kick that retro fueled jam down into a heavy, blistering fire of crackling guitar and swamp gas groove. The album builds nicely throughout and finishes amazingly strong like a fine, agave tequila. It’s one that, I think, deserves a few spins and a place in your valued music collections. The release is slated for XXX in a limited version of 100 on white 100 on clear (tour only) and 350 black vinyl.


@Oldfatbroke is a Nashville based vinyl ambassador that can usually be found sifting through mountains of used vinyl or leaning on the stage at any of a hundred raucous venues. You can find his stoner/doom/americana musings at Riding Easy Records, Planet Doom, The Ripple Effect Blog, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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