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Windhand SOMA Cassette On Sale Info

Available on RidingEasy Records I cannot thank Windhand and Relapse Records ENOUGH for allowing us to do this and all the wacky things we think of like leather covers and wood cassette boxes for this masterpiece of an album SOMA. Here is the skinny, folks.  Windhand SOMA is ON sale at 9 AM PST Saturday March 22 right HERE!!! WINDHAND […]
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WAND – GOLEM Cassette

Wand Golem is set to be one of our favorite albums of 2015.  Heavy riffs, spacey vocals, beautiful melodies, and just the right amount of shoe gaze to brighten up your day.  Here is an exclusive premiere of one of our favorite songs on the album.  Now go buy the cassette or head on over to In The Red and get the vinyl or CD.