Brown Acid “The Eighteenth Trip” Test Pressing


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Brown Acid “The Eighteenth Trip” Test Pressing

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BROWN ACID The 18th Trip

EIGHTEEN AND I LIKE IT… if you survived trips 1-17 with one tiny speck of psychedelic sunshine intact, Brown Acid The 18th Trip will be your coming of age nightmare. Vintage underground ’70s hard rock, coming at you from bizarre angles, local scene wasteland America when everybody was out for themselves and the drugs went bleak. The guitars kill, the attitude is twisted, even the sex is headed down the wrong road. Real people, no compromise, pure and potent. Get stoked, take the 18th Trip and know that the artists will get paid for pulverizing your soul!

“People… are you ready?, ’cause the music now is getting so heavy”… Back Jack out of St. Louis, Missouri in 1974 launch our trip with “Bridge Waters Dynamite”. It’s an invocation to rock flashing on Mark Farner whooping up a Grand Funk crowd, then getting to the point quickly with berserk guitar assaults. Heavy riff with power chord stalks beneath as you take their advice… get loose and blow up the past.

Smokin’ Buku Band dropped my jaw with the audacious track “Hot Love” coming on like some fractured fever dream burlesque of Led Zep moves out of Hollywood in 1980. Swooping elongated vocals above, a total Zep chord move at the end of each verse. Writer/producer Steve Shauger aka Shag Stevens gets a brilliantly messed up sound quality here, the ideal polar opposite of slick. The extended guitar break is an epitome of serendipitously crude virtuosity, simply outrageous!



Coming at you from way outta left field is “Moby Shark” by Atlantis, a hilarious and strange Baltimore pre-punk vibed dose of D.I.Y. meets hard rock. Lon Talbot is the mastermind, the flip side of this impossibly rare Mekon Records label single was featured in an obscure 1978 B-movie titled “The Alien Factor”. Follow the lyrics closely, when the ominous jaws jaws jaws start coming after you you you… the song’s big hook is so preposterously catchy the shark attack feels like good news.  Inquiring minds should know that the band formerly known as Atlantis can now be found by searching for the Lon Talbot Group!

Tommy Stuart and the Rubberband’s “Peeking Through Your Window” from 1970 opens with a spooky organ riff, slips into a gushy fuzz/organ groove akin to “Mustache In Your Face” by Pretty. The singer creates downright creepy vibes,

a stalker peeking through the girl’s mind like a peeping Tom at the window up to no good. The lyrics evoke a disturbing scenario. Tommy Stuart also made a strange LP titled Hound Dog Man in 1977 and some terrific rare garage singles under the names Magnificent Seven and The Omen & Their Love in the mid ’60s.

Nothing better than an angry two chord guitar attack with cowbell to set the stage for this rant about getting “Ripped Off” by love. Taken from their rare 1977 LP on Dynamite Records, Chicago Triangle was Marvey Esparza, Dave Guereca, Jose ‘Tarr’ Perez and Robert Aguilera. They unleash such strong brain-scrubbing wah wah frenzy in the guitar break here that it seems to perversely mock it’s own intensity! Like I said, Brown Acid the 18th Trip comes at you from all kinds of uncanny angles.

Damnation of Adam Blessing out of Cleveland, Ohio unleashed a stone killer psychedelic hard rock classic “Cookbook” in the late ’60s, this track “Nightmare” from 1973 has them cooking again at full power. A different singer, name change to Damnation and then Glory, unleashing a deadly dose of dark progressive heavy rock drama peaking when spooky ‘oooo-wa-oooo’ background vocals emerge during a bizarre spoken bit. It unfolds like a mini-epic and includes some remarkably brutal guitar and turbulent organ, too.

“Swing your sword, all aboard… bid farewell to the dreamer” Dalquist exclaims. Cynical view of human nature, idealism is over, war is coming, it always does. Opens with a cold menacing riff and atmosphere reminiscent of “Synthezoid Heartbreak” by Maya. Mournful despondent vocals ride an insistent churning groove, gnarly guitar break moves into free noise territory. This rare track is from a local various artists benefit album titled Kangaroo Jam issued for the Waco Family Abuse Center in Texas circa 1980.

The Pawnbrokers “Realize” is prime proto heavy rock emerging out of psychedelic garage roots in 1968 Fargo, North Dakota. Unusual arrangement, terrific sustain guitar tones like on the first Blue Cheer LP, even a rip on Hendrix “Manic Depression” with unison voice and guitar ascent near the end. They made three 45s and were active from ’65 to ’69. Hats off to Blake English, Kent Richey, Paul Rogne and Steve Harrison, you nailed it in just a hair over two minutes! As pure and creative as the original psychedelic garage hard rock gets.

Parchment Farm from Union, Missouri gigged with the likes of ZZ Top and Foghat back in the day and unleashed the amazing “Songs Of The Dead” in 1971. Primitive riff/chord pattern dosed with some funky prog moves, sky turning black, ‘is this heaven or hell’ type disoriented confusion… may as well grab your guitar and sing songs to the dead. Robert ‘Ace’ Williams on bass, Paul Cockrum on guitar, Gary Reed on keys and Micky Waterman on drums, replacing Mike Dulany (R.I.P.) Cool that they use the Blue Cheer misspelling from Vincebus Eruptum for the band name!

Ominous organ, thick minimalist fuzz riff, funky psychedelic wah wah flashes and freaky sex combine in one twisted dance titled “Rockin’ Chair” by Brothers Of The Ghetto. Out of Chicago in 1975 with some Santana atmospherics and a delicious fuzz wah screamin’ guitar break, the groove is highlighted by an off the wall vocal which sounds eerily detached in a subtly sleazy way. Rene Maxwell is the writer of this hard-rock boogie-down hybrid straight out of the twilight zone. It was issued on Ghetto, a subsidiary of the peculiar Kiderian label that released the Creme Soda LP. Now that your head is totally skewered, go Back Jack and play side one again! (Words by Paul Major)

Back Jack – Bridge Waters Dynamite
St. Louis, Missouri 1974
The Smokin’ Buku Band – Hot Love
Hollywood, California 1980
Atlantis – Moby Shark
Baltimore, Maryland 1975
Tommy Stuart & The Rubberband  – Peeking Through Your Window
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1970
The Chicago Triangle – Ripped Off
Chicago, Illinois 1977
Parchment Farm – Songs Of The Dead
Union, Missouri 1971
Glory (Damnation of Adam Blessing) – Nightmare
Cleveland, Ohio 1973
Dalquist – Farewell To The Dreamer
Waco, Texas 1980
The Pawnbrokers – Realize
Fargo, North Dakota 1968
Brothers Of The Ghetto – Rockin’ Chair
Chicago, Illinois 1975
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