Hell Fire – Free Again


Hell Fire – Free Again

The 2018 Pressing!

New Art and New Vinyl Colors

Clear Limited to 100

Red Limited to 400

Black Limted to 400

Blue Limited to 100

Test Press Limited to 20

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Hell Fire are a thrash metal/NWOBHM band from the USA formed in 2010 self releasing their debut album ‘Metal Masses’ in 2016. The bands second album ‘Free Again’ was released in 2017.

The album storms into life with the swaggering title song ‘Free Again’, its influence definitely rooted in the early eighties NWOBHM evolution. Punchy riffs and buzzing guitars keep ‘Free Again’ rolling on at pace with the galloping rhythm a head bangers dream. A driving intro builds to a crescendo as ‘City Ablaze’ gets up and hurtles along at a blistering pace. Raucous and rampant, ‘City Ablaze’ is terrifyingly quick, savagely cutting and thrusting its way out of the speakers. Breath taking stuff from an American band delivering a definite British style of heavy metal. Pace doesn’t let up either as ‘Live Forever’ thunders in and charges on, with a superb catchy and sing a long style chorus. The pace of ‘Live Forever’ is unrelenting and merciless, the opening three songs all hard hitting and adrenaline pumping.

Formula One racing driver Niki Lauda was nearly killed in a racing car fire at the Nurburgring racing circuit in 1976 when his car swerved off the track. ‘Wheels Of Fate’ pays tribute to this accident. Opening with clips of the commentary by racing commentator Murray Walker describing the 1976 championship, and also clips from interviews with James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ‘Wheels Of Fate’ is a cracking lyrical interpretation of this terrifying incident. Musically, ‘Wheels Of Fate’ is a thunderous high tempo, almost formulaic heavy metal romp. Blistering guitars and a galloping rhythm push ‘Wheels Of Fate’ along at speed. Increasing the heaviness, ‘Beyond Nightmares’ is high on intensity as it rockets along like a Japanese bullet train. Furiously aggressive, ‘Beyond Nightmares’ is the first song on the album to show any of the bands thrash metal inclinations.

Returning the album to its earlier mid eighties feel, ‘The Dealer’ is melodic heavy rock with an almost bluesy streak running through it. Rather than head banging, ‘The Dealer’ will have you nodding your head from side to side such is its infectious nature. The buzzing guitar sound synonymous with the NWOBHM sound takes centre stage as ‘Destroyers’ lurches forward. Pounding and pulsating, ‘Destroyers’ is classic “foot on the monitor” style heavy metal, delivered at a breath takingly fast pace. The album is brought to a close with the seven minutes plus epic ‘End Of Days’. Playing out similar to the long epics that legendary NWOBHM pioneers Iron Maiden are famed for, ‘End Of Days’ opens slowly and builds with a huge mellow vibe. Switching its vibe to melodic heavy rock, ‘End Of Days’ continues to build the heaviness until it launches into the out and out fast paced and thunderous heavy metal that Hell Fire are making their signature sound.



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Blue, Black, Purple, Clear, Red, Test Pressing, CD


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