Monolord Fairies Wear Boots


In 2014, CVLT Nation asked if Monolord would be apart of their Black Sabbath “Covers” Series and assigned Fairies Wear Boots to the band.  None of us could have imagined that this would become one of the most epic Sabbath Covers EVER!  The original pressing was on 20 lathe cut records (there were 40 but 20 got lost in the mail on their way to Sweden), then there were 400 Cursing The One 12″s with Fairies on the B side.  The tune is now forever in the history books with it’s own pressing on 7 different colors, 5 of which you can buy here.

Stream Monolord – “Fairies Wear Boots”

Opaque Purple Hand Poured Splatter (Limited to 100)

Clear Green with Black (Limited to 200)

Clear Purple with Black Smoke (Limited to 300)

Clear Red with Black Smoke (Limited to 300)

Grey with Black Smoke (Limited to 300) –

MONOLORD BAND TOUR EXCLUSIVE Clear with Pink Smoke (Limited to 200)

ROLLIN RECORDS Green/Yellow/Purple Splatter Hand Pour (Limited to 100)


Weight 1 lbs



RidingEasy Records

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