The Picturebooks – Imaginary Horse CD

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The Picturebooks – Imaginary Horse CD

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The Picturebooks retreated to their “garage” in order to record Imaginary Horse during early 2014. Mirroring their daredevil skateboarding ethos, they broke rules while recording. For starters, there was considerable physical space between the musicians and the microphones, and it wasn’t simply a sterile studio environment. The concrete floors and airy expanse contributed to the sound, and the overall atmosphere proved quite apropos. Ultimately, all of these pieces form a blues rock pastiche that’s as individualistic as it is infectious. The Picturebooks’ Imaginary Horse becomes a reality for rock ‘n’ roll now. “We never wanted to sound like anybody else,” concludes Fynn. “We’ve done everything possible to create something of our own. I hope people see that, hear it, and feel it.”

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