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RidingEasy 7″ Subscription Installment 1

We are finally in a place where we can provide to you a monthly service of very limited 7″ picturediscs.  There will be 3 different art variants a month. One subscription gets you 1 variant (not all 3) if you buy 3 you are guaranteed to get every variant, if you buy one you get what you get .  Because this is a relatively new thing for us we want to make sure that it’s up to snuff with everyone so we’ve decided to start things off with 3 releases!  By the time January rolls around we’ll have it set up so you start receiving 1 a month and it will automatically deduct from your account, for now this is a way for you to get in without committing to a year.  This will get us through October, November, and December!  For now, you can get in for the low price of $30 plus shipping. After that it will be $13 a month for USA and $17 a month for International (shipping included in that price).

Brown Acid “The Third Trip” 

Grand Theft – “Scream (It’s Eating Me Alive”

Chook “Cold Feet”

Mondo Drag 

“Out of Sight”

“Ride The Sky” (vinyl exclusive)

The Well

Black Eyed Gods

Byzantine (vinyl exclusive)