RidingEasy Records Best of 2013!

EasyRider Top Picks for 2013!

In no way at all is this a contest, these are all records that I came across this year that really inspired me as a person musically, intellectually, and emotionally at times.  Some of these releases RER put out, but every record I am listing here is stuff that I look at as a good body of work and contains no filler.  Of course EVERYTHING that RER put out this year is killer, so there are a bunch of records that are amazing that I am not going to post about,  Life is to short, so I digress.

Hot Lunch – S/T 


Pretty much one of the best skate rock, punk (at times), garage, stoner rock, etc. of the year hands down.   This record sounds timeless to me, it got made this year but it doesn’t matter, it would be relevant within the span of the last 40 years.  If you like rock music…you LOVE HOT LUNCH.  To Hot Lunch, thanks for making such a great record!  Don’t Believe Me?

Just watch –

A$AP Rocky – Long Live A$AP


I am a huge rap fan, early 90’s rap is definitely a big part of my musical make up.  One of the things that I like about the 90’s rap, there is full ALBUMS that play all the way through.  The thing that has turned me off about a lot of rap records, they are just a group of songs to support a single.  A lot of the time rap albums are good for 1 or 2 songs and the rest is garbage.  Long Live A$AP is a great listen all the way through.  It touches on a lot of different sounds, has some A list guests and good beats.  It’s an exciting time with a lot of new emcees coming up, check for The Pro Era Crew, Danny Brown and Action Bronson all are solid.

 Here is the song that I like off the A$AP Record called Train-



This was one of the most talked about records amongst rock music fans in 2013.  Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart made a perfect record and I really don’t see myself burning out on it anytime soon.  It spans rock, garage, psych, it’s heavy, it’s mellow, it’s EXCELLENT.  EasyRider Records was fortunate enough to be able to put the release out on cassette courtesy of our good friends In The Red Records.  Buy the Tape Here!  Buy the Vinyl Here!

Here is my favorite tune “The Preacher” –

Windhand – Soma


Windhand are on a fast road to the top, this band works hard, they write good songs, and they are good people.  Windhand recently signed with Relapse Records and put out the DOOM record of the year in my book.  The riffs are heavy, the songs are good, and singer Dorthia Cotrell’s vocal stylings make this a very pleasing listening experience.  I really think Windhand will cross over to a larger audience in the future and I couldn’t have been happier to have the opportunity to put out their first record on Cassette, you can purchase that HERE! (shameless I know) or the vinyl and cd HERE!

Here is my favorite song on the record “Woodbine”-

Old Man’s Will – S/T

Old Mans Will

Hailing from Sweden, Old Man’s Will is the latest signing to RidingEasy Records.  John at Granite House tipped me off to them and I was lovestruck from the first song.  The entire record is great, there isn’t really a bad moment.  The record came out on the legendary TransSubTrans label out of Sweden and we were able to get the rights for North America.  This record smokes and is for fans of heavy 70s rock in the vein of Zepp, Deep Purple, Black Crowes, Graveyard, Kadavar, etc.  Look out for new artwork and deluxe packaging from EasyRIder as usual.

For now, just check out the record-

Earthless  – From the Ages

Earthless From the Ages

 Earthless play heavy instrumental psych pretty much as good as anyone and this year they came out of hibernation with From the Ages.  The record is flawless, it’s a masterpiece.  Mario’s drumming is superb, Mike’s bass lines groove and go together with Rubalcaba’s beats like peanut butter and jelly.  Isaiah Mitchell is at the helm with blistering guitar solos and leads the entire time, but don’t be fooled this record has lots of great dynamics with breakdowns that ebbs and flows into pure psychedelic bliss.  Earthless are the kings of this genre, but there is a great thing happening down in San Diego and I look forward to hearing more from Harsh TokeSacri Monti, and Joy in 2014.

Here is my favorite song from the album – Uluru Rock

Salem’s Pot – Watch Me Kill You

Salem's Pot

RidingEasy Records spawned from this incredibly heavy spooky psych record from Sweden that I was turned onto by John of Granite House Records.  This record inspired me to start a label at which most would say is the wrong thing to do in 2013 with the state of the music industry.  Salem’s Pot is HEAVY and it stands alone, the vocals, the melodies, the crazy guitar tones all of it.  I really had no intention of doing anything to the level that EasyRider Records has done up to this point and I still don’t have any idea where it’s going, but I do know that this is one of the most important records I have ever come in contact with in my life and I am thankful to have had the chance to have it come to me.

Spelljammer – Vol. II

Spelljammer Vol. 2

STB records second release Spelljammer Vol. II is for lack of better words fucking fantastic!  I must have listened to this record 50 times in a row when I got it and I still put it on and get pumped.  Its super fuzzed out desert rock with some real heavy riffs, banging drums, and great vocals.  There are riffs that sound like a herd of bison falling off a cliff and a guitar tone that moves my subwoofer when played at the obnoxiously loud levels that this doom mastery requires to get the full effect.  The vinyl is looooong gone, but you can get the record from the band’s bandcamp, and I definitely recommend the spend.  Be aware, you will be inspired to consume large amounts of hippie lettuce while Spelljammer is on.

Here is my favorite song of the record appropriately named Space Reefer-

Devil – Gather the Sinners

Devil - Gather The Sinners

This record sounds like it was unearthed right out of the 70s.  The songs are strait forward, production is lo-fi, and the name of the band is DEVIL!  This has that 70’s heavy rock vibes like the classic Pentagram stuff.  Its good, the whole record is top notch all the way through.  I don’t know much about this band other they smoke a ton of dope and praise the dark one with their evil tuned down that will cast the happiest dark cloud over your head that you have ever had.  This record does nothing new, its strait forward 70’s sabbath worship at its finest.

Two thumbs up, here is my favorite song called – Restless Wanderer-

Queens of The Stone Age – Like Clockwork

QOTSA - Like Clockwork

QOTSA has done it again.  Just when I think that Homme is going to run out of gas, he completely comes through (like clockwork)!  Having been a fan of his music for a long time, its been great to watch the evolution of his musical maturity through the years.  This record is a grown man’s Queens record.  I say that because its not as much about the riffs, its about the songs and he has reached iron chef levels of songwriting.  The entire record is excellent and there is no B.S. at all.  It’s nice to see where this band has come from, where they are and where they are going.  If you haven’t picked up this record or taken a listen, you should.  Friends of mine who aren’t fans and want to hate them ended up really getting into this record, give it a shot.

Here is my favorite song on the record – I Appear Missing

Sons of Huns – Banishment Ritual


Here at RidingEasy records I think I am getting between 5-10 demos a day. I listen to all of them…really I do.  Some I listen to for longer than others, but I definitely listen.  Ryan from SOH sent me this record back in July and as soon as I got through song number 1 I was hooked, I didn’t even need to go back and listen again.  I knew this was something that I would want to be apart of.  Banishment Ritual is the bands debut full length and it kicks ass from beginning to end, the best way to describe is rowdy ass rock n roll.  Its perfect soundtrack for jamming down a road in your muscle car and letting the day take you where it does.  Some call it stoner rock or stoner metal, I just call it good music.

Take a listen to record and then go purchase the vinyl here or the digital here!

OFF! – Live at the 9:30 Club


Aside from Keith Morris’ banter on the mic, OFF! is definitely one of the best band’s around and this record puts the proof in the pudding.  It’s an excellent performance from the band while touring on the First Four EP’s material with Dinosaur Jr.  This record was put out by our good friends at Outer Battery Records and has AMAZING artwork by Raymond Pettibon with Farrah Fawset saying that “Farah loves to get OFF!…and get it on too” this record sold out quickly and is pretty limited due to it’s wild artwork and the high quality hand screened covers.  If you can track one down, I highly recommend it.

You can listen to the whole 27 minutes of punk fury here –

Shooting Guns- Brotherhood of The Ram


SG hit me up when I had already had too many commitments to properly release this record on RidingEasy records but we discussed me doing an exclusive color and some cool packaging for them because this record was too good to pass.  The best way to describe Shooting Guns “Brotherhood of The Ram” is if Goblin, Earthless, and Pink Floyd had a deviant stepchild, yup that sums it up.  There are moments it gets super heavy, moments it is super cinematic, super psych, super weird.  Hailing from Saskatoon Canada, this record is top notch from beginning to end.  The first pressing of 500 sold out in the first 3 weeks, good news for all of you finding out about this right now…there is a second pressing in the works that comes out mid January and is a proper ER release stay tuned for pressing info etc..

Check out the video for Go Blind here –

Then Listen to the whole record and buy the digital here –

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