New Electric Citizen Video!

Our friends at Noisey premiered Electric Citizen’s first video ever yesterday for the song “Light Years Beyond”.  The video was directed by David Brodsky and will take you into the psychedelic zone right out of the gate!  Let us know what you think and make sure you share this with all your friends.

Electric Citizen is a rock n roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio who’s heavy sound is timeless and music to the ears of any rock n roll fan. Formed just over 2 years ago by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, Nick Vogelpohl (bass) and Nate Wagner (drums), the band has had a very busy year turning heads and ears onto their music. Since signing with RidingEasy Records in early 2014, they’ve done several direct support tours with Wolfmother, Fu Manchu, and Budos Band. The band’s debut album came out July 2014 and ended up on several end of year best of lists. In May, Electric Citizen will be taking a break from recording their sophomore album to hit the west coast to play Psycho California with headliners Sleep and Pentagram.

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