RidingEasy Potcast number 11 with Rolling Heavy Magazine

Heavy Heavy Show This month! We have over 3 hours of full on VAN JAMS to grace your earholes.   Matt from Rolling Heavy Magazine comes through and plays some serious tunes that will make you boogie in any environment.  DJ Bonghits kicks it off with an all vinyl set of some of his favorite jams to drive the van to.  Tune in and Tune Out of Life.


Deep Purple – Space Trucking
Fu Manchu – Coyote Duster
ACDC- For Those About To Rock
Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
ZZ Top – Just Got Paid
Danzig – Twist of Cain
Pentagram – Be Forewarned
Queens of The Stone Age – If only 4
Pink Floyd -Have A Cigar
Earthless – Violence of The Red Sea
Danava – Shoot Straight With A Crooked Gun
Jimmy Hendrix – EZ Ryder
Glactus – Live With Me
Captain Beyond – Mesmerization Eclipse
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Hour 2 Rolling Heavy Take Over

Sammy Johns – Chevy Van
7 Seconds – We’re Gonna Fight
Deep Purple – Highway Star
Brant Bjork – Dave’s War
Orang Ultan – I can See Inside Your Head
Queens of The Stone Age – If Only
Black Sabbath – A national Acrobat
MC5 – Looking At you
Joe Walsh – Turn To Stone
Leaf hound – Freelance Fiend

Hour 3 Rolling Heavy

Harvey Mandel – Baby Batter
Dio – Holy Diver
Free – Allright Now
Dog Soldier – Looks Like Rain
Cinderella – Shake Me
Budgie – Breadfan
Granicus – “You’re In America”
Witchcraft “Deconstruction”
Toad – Pig’s Walk
Brant Bjork – Lazy Auto

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