RidingEasy PotCast May 2017

Back with another Edition of the RidingEasy Potcast! Don’t forget Beastmaker Has a new album out and you need to go buy it! DJ Bonghits and Trevor Church bring the ruckus, tune in and drop out.


Shotgun – Leaving On a Train
Crypt Trip – Natural Child
Blackout – Graves
Melvins – A history of Bad Men
Church of Misery – Badlands
Dopefight – Baby Goat Sick
Integrity – Misha…Those Who Fear Tomorrow
Soundgarden – Outshined
Tool – No Quarter
Aleph Null – Backward Spoken Rhymes
Salem’s Pot – Ego Trip!
SVVAMP – Burning Down

HOUR 2 Trevor Church

devils witches- voodoo woman
beastmaker- evil one
duel- devil
chronobot- red nails
cult of sorrow- eternal love
ides of gemini- the rose
saturn- still young
heavy traffic-plastic surgery
doublestone -devils own master

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