RidingEasy Potcast 20

November 12th 2017

Happy Birthday to all our scorpios! We have deep ass show for you today…so deep that Trevor doesn’t even have a track list so anything in hour 2 you’ll just have to Shazam.



Wishbone Ash – Lady Whiskey
Sir Lord Baltimore – Woman Tamer
Armaegeddon – Last Stand Before
Groundhogs – Split 2
Here Lies Man. – Animal Noises
Pax – Firefly
George Bridgman – Mistress of Desire
Galactus – Live With Me
Montrose – Rock The Nation
Zig Zags – Scavenger
Hot Lunch – You’re Alright
The Mopp Tops – Our Lives
Pure Hell – Wild One
Cross field – TAKE IT!

Hour 2 Trevor Church

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