RidingEasy Records Potcast Number 6 Featuring Brant Bjork

This month’s POTCAST is so smoked out it’s should be illegal, 2.5 hours of mind melting good ol’ rock n roll. We also get blessed with an hour long DJ set from Brant Bjork and get to talk about his favorite kind of weed and drum breaks as well as what he’s been up to.  Don’t miss new songs from Salem’s Pot, Slow Season, future Brown Acid cuts, as well as lots of other goodies.




Salem’s Pot – Tranny Takes a Trip
Firefly – Pax
Slow Season – Damascus
Earthless – Acid Crusher
Crypt Trip – Wraiths
Death Wheelers – Doomed Chapter
Zig Zags – The Sadist
Joy – Evil Woman
Beastmaker – Mask of Satan

Interview starts at 51 minutes


Kiss – Charisma
Dictators – Baby Lets Twist
Cheap Trick – Stiff Competition
Slade – Take Me Back Home
Thin Lizzy – Vagabond of The Western World
Queen – Sheer Heart Attack
Ramones – Ramona
MISFITS – Hybrid Moments –
BOC – I’m on the lamb but I ain’t no sheep
Rolling Stones – jumpin jack flash
Deep Purple – Rat Bat Blue
Van Halen – You Really Got Me
Motörhead – Keep this on the road
Big Boys – Lesson
Suicidal Tendencies – Fascist Pig
Funkadelic – Red Hot


Basstar Amber – Look out for us
Galactus – Live With Me
Led Zeppelin – The Girl I love got long Black Wavy Hair
ZZ TOP – Precious and Grace
Jimi Hendrix – EZ Ryder
Funkadelic – Music for My Mother
The Black Crowes – Black Moon Creeping

2 thoughts on “RidingEasy Records Potcast Number 6 Featuring Brant Bjork”

  1. Sweet. Came here to listen to Brant’s interview, but I keep coming back for the music on this potcast. There are some seriously great songs here from bands I haven’t yet heard of. Lots of wormholes for me to travel here! Keep your cool.

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