Slow Season and BlackOut West Coast Crazy Train!

OHHH it’s going to be an AMAZING couple of weeks in the first part of May!!  If this poster doesn’t get you out to one of these shows, you shouldn’t be hanging out here.BLACKOUT and SLOW SEASON are going out for west coast destruction in and out of their performances at Psycho CA.  This poster was done by the very talented Miriam Carothers, there will be prints available at the shows.

And…to make sure you are caught up on both band’s tunes. Black Vinyl is $15 for both bands!

Get Blackout HERE Get Slow Season HERE



1 thought on “Slow Season and BlackOut West Coast Crazy Train!”

  1. FUCK yeh! Got my ticket for San Jose!!! Bummed the Sons aren’t playing that night, but my local honors ZED will be in full effect with Blackout and Mothership \m/

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