Mick’s Jaguar video debut, “Blood On The Snow”, tour announced

Noisy, wild, unabashed big rock from NYC

“An infectious 10-track spinner. As the band’s name implies, Mick’s Jaguar has definitely got a hearty Stones vibe to it. That, coupled with those searing metallic riffs got me right into the record’s groove.” — Doomed & Stoned

“A clean, classic-feeling 10-tracks. Apart from its attitude, what draws the album together is a consistent sans-frills production and a penchant for big hooks.” — The Obelisk

“Every song on the record is a fucking anthem!” — CvltNation

Watch & share “Blood On The Snow” video (YouTube)

Mick's Jaguar US Tour

September 7th, 2018

New York City rock ‘n’ roll sextet Mick’s Jaguar share the official video for “Blood On The Snow” today from their recently released debut on RidingEasy Records. Watch “Blood On The Snow”, directed by NYC based artist Josh Slater, HERE.

Mick’s Jaguar also announce their Escape From New York tour (a reference to John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic film) today, which kicks off on October 25th. Please see current dates below.

Hear and share the band’s new album Fame and Fortune via Bandcamp and YouTube.

Rock and roll is dead in New York City. Long live New York City rock and roll. Mick’s Jaguar is bringing noisy, wild, unafraid big rock back to NYC. Crazy rents, corporatized venues, and kids listening to DJ’s: it’s hard being a band in this town.

This isn’t LA and Mick’s Jaguar is a product of their environment: a windowless dungeon practice space 20 feet below the trash covered sidewalk of the Lower East Side. Rats, grime, the sounds of the city; Mick’s Jaguar gleefully pillages the history of rock music to create thoroughly modern, but classic rock and roll. Not quite punk, but not metal either, this is hard rock and roll that’s been put through the brain blenders of 6 musicians who pair their Judas Priest shirts with Steely Dan hats. They claim no musical lineage to New York – they just live there. If you need to compare them to something, the night AC/DC played CBGB’s would be about as close as you can get.

Buy Mick’s Jaguar Fame and Fortune

The group formed as a drunken Rolling Stones cover band, and after a few years of mainlining Stones songs and playing sporadic shows marred by violence and sprayed by beer, they started writing originals that attracted the attention of RidingEasy Records. And their new album, Fame and Fortune, sounds absolutely nothing like the Stones. The three guitarists — yes three guitars — open the album with a riff of buzzsaw intensity that would make a Ramone proud.

But then like Jim Morrison sashaying into a wine shop, it drunkenly careens into a big sounding rock and roll album somewhere in between Van Halen and Tres Hombres. Guitar solos abound, Thin Lizzy harmonies soar, the bass and drums make a groove that will shake the asses on the dance floor and put a rumble in your loins. Songs about life, death, cars, blood, murder, sex, drugs and booze are the world of Mick’s Jaguar. Don’t forget – this is what rock and roll is all about. Listen close and you’ll hear hat tips to your bands, Mick’s Jag knows their history and likes to rip it apart.

Recorded in Brooklyn at Figure 8 Recording by engineering wizard Philip Weinrobe, and fueled by a steady diet of Allen’s Coffee Brandy, the Fame And Fortune sessions resulted in only one hospital visit and it just might be your favorite album of 1978, 1988, or 2018. This is music that’s made for listening to while driving fast in your car, and while relaxing at the local strip club. It’s okay to have fun. Cute indie bands make everyone puke. That shit stops now. Let there be rock.

Fame and Fortune is available on LP, CD and download, released June 22nd, 2018 via RidingEasy Records. Orders are available at ridingeasyrecs.com


10/25 NYC @ Coney Island Baby w/ Black Magic Flower Power, Rattlesnake
10/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers w/ Twin Speak, Enhailer, Gran Gila
10/27 Cleveland, OH @ TBA
10/28 Cincinnati, OH @ North Side Yacht Club w/ Filthy Beast, Bundy & The Spins
10/29 Nashville, TN @ The Cobra w/ Heinous Orca, Night Talkers
10/30 Augusta, GA @ The Soul Bar w/ Space Coke, Gloom Cocoon
10/31 Halloween @ TBA
11/1 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone Club w/ Space Coke, Morganton, Joules, The Asound
11/2 Washington, DC @ Slash Run w/ FuzzQueen, Capital Offender
11/3 Philadelphia, PA @ The Tusk w/ Heavy Temple, Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds
11/4 Asbury Park, NJ @ TBA


Mick's Jaguar

Artist: Mick’s Jaguar
Album: Fame and Fortune
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: June 22, 2018

01. The Real Boss
02. Pay to Play
03. Where We Go
04. Here Comes the Night
05. Blood On the Snow
06. Hellride
07. Damnation
08. Country & Punk
09. Call the Guy
10. New Orleans Blues

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