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Monolord Rust Onsale Info

MONOLORD RUST PRE-SALE Kicks off Monday July 10th 2017

Release date is September 29th 

We will have our EU webstore open for this pre-order, this means for all versions (except for the test press) you can get shipping at a cheaper rate because we have a fulfillment partner in the UK.

First Pressing is 3000 LPs

30 Test Pressings $60 (begins shipping mid August)

100 Clear Vinyl Die Hard – 30 Faux Leather ($85) – 70 Denim Sleeve (John Mclane Edition) $65

100 clear Purple Vinyl with Paper deluxe cover (Hans Gruber Edition) $50

700 Black 150 Gram $22

300 Black 180 gram $24

400 Opaque Yellow $24

300 Electric Blue Opaque (Bengans Sweden)

300 Fluorescent Green Opaque (Forte U.K. Exclusive)

300 Rust/Brown Opaque Monolord Tour Exclusive

500 Opaque Red (Revolver USA) 

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