RidingEasy July 2017

It’s that time of the month kiddies, Summer is here and we’ve got all kinds of music to tickle your ear buds.  Potcast 17 is nothing short of pure summer bliss this month as DJ Bonghits and Trevor Church coming in hot with 3 hours of rock n roll fun, tell all your friends and turn up.


DJ Bonghits Hour 1

Frank Black – Los Angeles

Shooting Guns – Flavour Country
George Brigman – Blowin Smoke
Spiny Normen – Wrecko Wild Man Ride
R.I.P. – In the Wind
Yesterday’s Children – Evil Woman
Mondo Drag – Plumajilla
Metallica – Seek and Destroy
Red Fang – Throw Up
Slow Season – Damascus
Salem’s Pot – Nothing Hill

Trevor Church Hour 2

Judas Priest – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Wytch Hazel – Freedom Battle
Witchthroat Serpent –  Side B
Old Man Wizard Innocent Hands
Ironaut Sick – Stupid Lies
Hypnos – Hands of Evil
Easy E – Gimme Dat Nut
Lita Ford – Close My Eyes Forever Lita Ford
Ratt – Back For Me
West Wind Blows – Cry Wolf

Bonghits Hour 3

Cheech and Chong – Earache My Eye
The Headstones – Snake Dance
Deep Purple – Highway Star
Galactus – Live With Me
Holy Smoke – Rock and Roll
Jerusalem – Kamikaze Moth
Black Sabbath – Snowblind
Danava – At Midnight You Die
Goggs – Got Harder
Kanaan – Leave It
Chainsaw – Police and Politicians
Pure Hell – Wild One
Warlock – Thrills of Love
EEZY Riders – Changes
George McCrae – Get Lifted
Iron Knowledge – Show Stopper



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