RidingEasy Potcast 21

RidingEasy Potcast 21 is sofa king LIT this month. DJ Bonghits pulling a solo mission with ALL new music from Blackwater Holylight, SVVAMP, Spiny Normen, Here Lies Man, Brown Acid 6 and much more!  2018 is going to be a killer year of music and we got the goods to prove it.


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Hour 1
Blackwater Holylight – Sunrise
SVVAMP – Queen
Spiny Normen – Wrecko Wild Man Ride
Here Lies Man – Memory Games
Gold – No Parking
R.I.P – Unmarked Grave
Monolord – Dear Lucifer
Blackout – Rat Spirit
Shooting Guns – Flavour Country
Ash – Warrant
Here Lies Man – You Ain’t Goin Nowhere
Dunbarrow – My Little Darling
Spelljammer – Mountainside
George Brigman – Blowin Smoke (Brown Acid “The Fifth Trip”)

Hour 2
Magic – Cotton Candy
Road – Road
Stonewall – Bloody Mary
Soul Excitement – Stay Together
Freddie King – Goin Down
Wishbone Ash – Lady Whiskey
Midnight – Into The Pit
Budgie – Breadfan
BALL – Fireballs
Cactus – Evil
Edgar Broughton Band – Death of An Electric Citizen
Bare Soul – Lets Communicate
Satanic Mashups – NAS VS. Black Sabbath

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