RidingEasy Potcast Number 3!

If you can’t believe that we have stayed on track for 3 consecutive months, you are not alone!  None the less, we are back this month with the third installment of the RidingEasy Records potcast. Our special guest this episode has an exclusive DJ set from Thomas Jager of the all mighty MONOLORD who goes by the name of DJ Fatface. DJ Bonghits plays lots of new music from RidingEasy bands Electric Citizen, Slow Season, Salem’s Pot, Mondo Drag, and a slew of other things.  Rick Lightning closes out the 3rd hour with some deeper garage, punk, and rock n roll.  So what are you waiting for, fire up that bong, sit back and enjoy the ride!


You can Download it or stream here on our Soundcloud –

Track List –

Hour 1 – DJ Bong Hits
Mondo Drag – Ride The Sky (Instrumental)
Leslie West with Mountain – Intro/Never In My Life
Slow Season – Damascus
Beast Maker – You Must Sin
Ash – Warrant
Salem’s Pot – The Vampire Strikes Back
Spiny Normen – Bell Park Loon
Electric Citizen – Golden Mean
Torche – Minions
Saviours – Narcotic Sea
The Spits – Rip Up The Streets
The Spits – Shitty Wold
The Spits – Fire
Shooting Guns – Go Blind
Tool – No Quarter

HOUR 2 – Dj Fatface (Thomas from Monolord)
Arc – Let Your Love Run Through
Entombed – Wreckage
Pilgrim – Astaroth
Driller Killer – Alcoholo Caust
Electric Wizard – Master of Alchemy
Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns
The Devils Blood – Evermore
Led Zeppelin – The Ocean
Astra – The Weirding
Mogul Trash – Sleeping IN The Kitchen
Gluecifer – Take It

Hour 3 – Rick Lighting
Natural Child – Laid, Paid, and Strange
Roky Erickson- Two Headed Dog
J. Geils Band – I Don’t Need You No More
Iggy Pop & The Stooges – Penetration (Iggy Pop mix)
John Lennon – I Found Out
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Ashtray Heart
Zipper – Let It Freeze
Pretty – Mustache In Your Face
The Osmands – Crazy Horses
Tide – I Wish It Hadn’t Ended That Way
Public Nuisance – Love Is A Feeling
Flaming Groovies – Heading For Texas Border
The Spyrals – Lying
The Who – Summertime Blues (Live)
Triton Warrior – Sealed In A Grave

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