RidingEasy PotCast 4

In celebration of Brown Acid “The Second Trip”, our partner,  the one and only Lance Barresi of Permanent Records comes to us live from his weekly gathering called “Feed The Freaks” at the Black Boar in Eagle Rock.  It’s over an hour of all original obscure records from his collection and some future Brown Acid cuts too!  DJ Ricklightning of the famed Jesus Sons and Mind Meld kicks it off and RidingEasy Records boss DJ Bonghits closes us out with some new tunes from forthcoming releases, there is a new signing in the 3rd hour, can you guess who it is?

Lance Promo Pic

HOUR 1 DJ Rick Lightning (Erik Lake)

Yardbirds – Ever Since The World Began

Grand Funk Railroad – T.U.N.C.

Kinks – Rats

James Gang – Walk Away 

Mind Meld – The Viper 

Night Beats – Ain’t No Ghost 

Greenhornes – Can’t Stand It 

The Mixed Generation – Unlocked Generation 

Bo Diddley – Woman 

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Pagan Baby 

Moby Grape – Going Nowhere 

ZZ Top – Precious And Grace 

Dahga Bloom – Supa

Blue Cheer – Rock Me Baby

ACDC – High Voltage 

John Sebastian – Well, Well, Well

HOUR 2 LIVE FROM “Feed The Freaks” Lance from Permanent Records

Jake Holmes “Dazed and Confused”

The Children “Evil Woman”

Erving Forbush “The Train”

Roy Young “I’m A Loner”

Jerry Williams “Crazy ‘Bout You Baby”

Lindholm Brothers “No Time For Last Goodbyes”

Dokken “Hard Rock Woman”

Ash “Warrant”

Stumpwater “Turn Me On Woman”

Magic Swirling Ship “He’s Comin’ Part II”

Volt Rush Band “Love To You”

Gentrys “I Need Love”

Crossfield “Take It”

E.S.P. “Giant Crab”fff

Muse “Sunshine Road”

TNS “Time’s Up”

Flash Beverage “Train”

Headstones “Carry Me On”

Punch “Deathhead”

Gidians Bible “Love Is The Answer”

Uriah Heep “Easy Livin”

Sweet Crystal “Warlords”

Groundhogs “Soldier”

HOUR 3 DJ Bonghits

Atomic Rooster – Sleeping For Years

SVVAMP – Burning Down

Ty Segall – Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

The Melvins – Kicking Machine

Black Breath – The Flame

Bang – The Queen

Electric Citizen – Misery Keeper

Mondo Drag – Ride The Sky

Blood Rock – Melvin Laid An Egg

Red Fang – Throw Up

High On Fire – 10,000 Years

Grand Theft – The Rat Meets Led Zeppelin

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