RidingEasy Potcast Number 8

We have a stacked show this month of heavy psych, rock, metal, doom, and fuzz. Special guest DJ set by Mondo Drag and lots of new music from RidingEasy Bands such as Salem’s Pot, SVVAMP, MONOLORD, Holy Serpent, The Well, and Brown Acid Tracks. Fire the bong up and lets ride.  Don’t forget Mondo Drag is at the Echo in Los Angeles, August 16, 23, and 29th.  Monolord is on tour in the USA get tickets here and the new 10″ here.  SVVAMP has a new record out August 19th and you can pre order it here.






HOUR 1 Dj Bonghits

Supachief – Red Brained woman
Hikers – I want a Break Through
Ngozi Family – Day of Judgement
Jerusalem – Midnight Steamer
Bloodrock – Lucky In The Morning
Salem’s Pot – Coal Mind
Captain Beyond – I can’t Feel Nothin
The Well – One Nation
GOGGS – Shotgun Shooter
Zipper – Born Yesterday
Barry Rolfe – Look The Business

HOUR 2 Mondo Drag

Cheech & Chong – Let’s Make A Dope Deal
Electric Light Orchestra – Turn To Stone
Roger Daltrey – Proud
Steely Dan – Fire In The Hole
Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen
Styx – Young Man
Deep Purple – Child In Time
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Time Captives
Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On
David Axelrod – The Mental Traveller
Metallica – Fight Fire With Fire
Goblin – Profondo Rosso
Skin Alley – Bad Words Evil People
Atomic Rooster – Break The Ice

HOUR 3 DJ Bonghits

Grand Theft – Scream (It’s Eating Me Alive)
R.I.P. – Brave In The Grave
Monolord – Lord of Suffering
YOB – Nothing To Win
Holy Serpent – Purification By Fire
Blackout – Tannered
The Melvins – Electric Flower
Chook – Cold Feet
Mondo Drag – New Future

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