2017 in Review

Where to start, where to start. 2017 has been a pretty fantastic year for us over here at RidingEasy Records with a wide variety of new releases, merch and events that are only going to get bigger & better as this year turns into the next. So without further ado, let’s get into what made[…]

Slow Season and BlackOut West Coast Crazy Train!

OHHH it’s going to be an AMAZING couple of weeks in the first part of May!!  If this poster doesn’t get you out to one of these shows, you shouldn’t be hanging out here.BLACKOUT and SLOW SEASON are going out for west coast destruction in and out of their performances at Psycho CA.  This poster[…]

Blackout Vinyl On Sale Info

What is all this about Blackout?  Who are these half naked Brooklynites on this cover?  Where did this band come from?  The bottom line is that the sludge levels are at iron chef levels and we want you to get involved.  The official street date is March 31 but we have these in early sooooo, we’ll[…]